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Other people can sometimes start to depend on you as they know you will most likely, if not always, say yes to them. If you can learn to become more assertive, this will mean that you know when it’s OK to say no and put yourself first.

When you start to put your own needs above others (when necessary) this is showing independence and self-value. Sometimes you can become so dependent on helping others out and put their needs above your own that you can forget about yourself and what you want to be doing.

Try and be more assertive in life and with your relationships, so that you can start to focus more on yourself and becoming independent. Those who care about you should understand this and should be OK if you say no once in a while.

4. Arrange Some ‘Alone’ Dates
Another great way to practice being independent is to do things you would normally do with others, by yourself. For example, you can plan dates with yourself for things such as going to the cinema or going out for dinner.

This can show great confidence, and self-worth as well as being more independent and comfortable with your own company. If you can try and do this at least once a month it can really help you with your self-esteem and not always having to make plans with others for things you want to do in life.

This can also be seen as a sign of self-love as you are showing yourself that you are comfortable with yourself and being out alone. This can be a great thing to do when you start to stop being codependent.

5. Learn To Give Yourself Emotional Support
When times are hard and you find yourself feeling down or stressed, we can often turn to other people for comfort and wise words. There is nothing wrong with this, however, when we depend on this and not our own support, this can be where we start to become codependent.

If you can learn to give yourself emotional support, you can start to feel more in control of your feelings and how you live your life. When you comfort yourself and do not need to rely on others to feel happy, you are showing yourself great emotional support.

This is important as you are not only showing yourself you can go out and be physically independent, but you are also proving to yourself you can support yourself emotionally, without help from others.

Overcoming Codependency Hypnosis
If you need some extra help with overcoming codependency, it is worth having a look at this self-hypnosis program on it, and start practicing today.
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